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  • Juneau, Rebecca Van de Water, CNM, ANP, Juneau Birth Center, Birth Center, Waterbirth, (907) 586-1203, www.juneaubirthcenter.org




  • Fayetteville, Maria Chowdhury, LMT, LM, CPM, Midwifery, Waterbirth, (479) 443-1729, www.birthsongmidwifery.org
  • Mountain Home, Belinda Tucker, CPM, Homebirth Ministries, Midwifery, Waterbirth, (870) 508-4525, (870) 404-2986, sbtucker@suddenlink.net
  • Siloam Springs, Advocating Birth, Janessa Craig, LM, MMT, Homebirth, Waterbirth, (479) 549-3240, www.advocatingbirth.com


  • Chandler, Janice Bovee, CNM, Water Labor, (602) 663-0656, jbovee56@yahoo.com


  • Chino, Ancient Paths Midwifery, Lori J Luyten, LM, CPM, Free Standing Birthcenter, Waterbirth, (909) 464-0974, www.OaksHouse.com
  • Davis, Sutter Davis Hospital, Hospital CNMs, Waterbirth, (530) 759-7444, www.sutterdavis.org
  • Davis, Sutter Davis Hospital, Christi Stone, CNM, Hospital Waterbirth, christina.stone@ucsf.edu
  • Orange County, Karen Pecora, LM, CPM, Blessed Beginnings Midwifery, Homebirth, VBAC, Waterbirth, (951) 970-5437, www.blessedbeginnings.net
  • Redlands, Inland Midwife Services, Birth Center, Waterbirth, (909) 335-6241, leonettemidwife@gmail.com
  • Sacramento, Marlene Smith, LM, One Heart Midwifery Care, Homebirth, 90% choosing Waterbirth, (916) 412-6443, tukimar@aol.com, One Heart Midwifery
  • Santa Cruz, Kathe Gibbs, LM, Full Circle Midwifery, Full Scope Women's Health Care, Homebirth, Waterbirth, (831) 440-0800, kathe@fullcircle-midwifery.com, www.fullcircle-midwifery.com


  • Denver, Denver Health, Hospital, Hydrotherapy/Birth, (303) 602-9730, eliza.johnson@dhha.org




 District of Columbia






  • East Point, OB/GYN & Midwife Associates, Hospital Birth, Private Office, (404) 349-2112, mford1310@aol.com






  • Greenville, Debra Morris, Waterbirth Facilitator, Greenville Regional Hospital, Hospital Waterbirth, (618) 664-9830, dmorris@grhinc.org, www.greenvilleregionalhospital.com/
  • Oak Park, Gentle Birth Care, Inc., Hillary Kieser, CNM, Women's Health Care, Homebirth, Waterbirth, (708) 488-1004, hillary@gentlebirthcare.com, www.gentlebirthcare.com/










  • New Orleans, Woman to Woman Midwifery, Waterbirth, (504) 272-0681, womantowomanmidwifery@yahoo.com






  • Swanzey NH serving Western MA, Monadnock Birth Center, Birth Center, Waterbirth, (603) 352-5860, Monadnock Birth Center
  • Detroit, Hutzel Women's Hospital, Waterbirth, (734) 649-0469, snmidwyfe@gmail.com, Hutzel Women's Hospital
  • Hesperia, Patrice Bobier, Full Circle Midwifery Service, Inc., Waterbirth, (231) 861-2234, pbobier@voyager.net, Full Circle Midwifery
  • Traverse City, Kathi Mulder, CPM, Homebirth, Waterbirth, (231) 929-3563, kathi@tcmidwife.com
  • Minneapolis, Hennepin County Medical Center, CNMs, Hospital Waterbirth, (612) 873-3000, hcmed.org
  • St Paul, HeathEast, CNMs, Hospital Waterbirth, (651) 326-5650, HealthEast
  • St Peter, Urban Birth, Erika Urban, Homebirth, Waterbirth, (507) 933-4939, www.erikaurban.com
  • Staples, Lakewood Health System, OBs, CNMs, Hospital Waterbirth, VBAC, BRIM, (218) 894-8525, www.LakewoodHealthSystem.com
  • Woodbury, HeathEast, CNMs, Hospital Waterbirth, (651) 232-0802, HealthEast




  • Whitefish, Julie Sherrick/Jeanne Tremper, Hospital, Waterbirth, (406) 752-8180, dr303s@centurytel.net




  • Las Vegas, April Kermani, CNM, CPM, Baby's First Day, Homebirth, Waterbirth, (702) 269-6018, April@Babys1stDay.com www.babys1stday.com


 New Hampshire


 New Jersey


 New Mexico
  • Albuquerque, Jennifer West, LM, CPM, Albuquerque Homebirth, Midwifery homebirth that specializes in waterbirth and relaxed birthing, (505) 294-4359, www.tubsntea.com


 New York


 North Carolina
  • Hendersonville, Martha Dysart, Hospital, Waterbirth, (828) 698-7181, martha.dysart@pardeehospital.org, Pardee Hospital Midwifery


 North Dakota


  • Cleveland, Sandy LaCivita, Waterbirth, (216) 312-3746, ohiomidwife@sbcglobal.net
  • Columbus, Women's Contempory Health Care, Hospital CNM, Waterbirth, (614) 891-6211, Women's Contempory Health Care
  • Tulsa, Tulsa Birth Center, Tiffany Koss, DEM, Midwife, Waterbirth, (918) 895-8222, Tulsa Birth Center
  • Tulsa, Gentle Hands Maternity Care, Alice Sirmon, CPM, Homebirth, VBAC, Waterbirth, (918) 251-1467, www.tulsaareamidwife.com
  • Tulsa, Special Delivery Midwife, Ruth Cobb, CNM, MSN, CPM, Homebirth, Waterbirth, (918) 224-1605, www.ruthcobb.com


  • Portland, A Gentle Beginning, CNMs, Naturopathic Drs, Midwifery, Waterbirth, (503) 263-2058, www.agentlebeginning.com
  • Portland, Madrona Bourdeau, A Woman's Point of View Midwifery, Homebirth, Waterbirth, (503) 963-9368, info@mydwyf.com, www.mydwyf.com
  • Portland, Pamela Echeverio, CPM, LM, Homebirth, Birth Center, Waterbirth, (503) 704-5774
  • Portland, Vivante Midwifery and Women's Health, Homebirth, GYN, Waterbirth, (503) 652-8076, info@vivantemidwifery.com, www.VivanteMidwifery.com


  • Honesdale, Wayne Memorial Hospital, CNM, Waterbirth, (570) 253-8366, www.wmh.com
  • Long Pond, Birth By Design, Jennifer McFarland, Midwife, Homebirth, Waterbirth, Tub Rentals, (570) 355-5177, jennifer@mybirthbydesign.com, www.mybirthbydesign.com


 Rhode Island


 South Carolina


 South Dakota




  • Houston, Carol Schumacher, LM, CPM, Holistic Birth Center, Waterbirth, Pool Rental, (713) 782-3439, carolschumacher.lm@gmail.com, www.holisticbirthcare.com
  • Katy, Cathy Rude, CPM, LM, New Life Birth Services, Waterbirth, Homebirth, (619) 243-6784, www.christianmidwife.net
  • Fort Worth, Tania Lopez, CNM, Hospital, lopezcnm@gmail.com
  • Fort Worth, Donnellyn Dominguez, LM, CPM, All About Babies, Waterbirth, Homebirth, Birthing Center, (817) 994-0470, www.allaboutbabies.net
  • Pasadena, Bay Area Birth Center, Birth Center, Waterbirth, (713) 472-5525, Bay Area Birth Center
  • Pasadena, Gentle Care Birth Services, Jackie Griggs, RN, CNM, IBCLC, Waterbirth, (713) 472-5525, www.houstonmidwife.com
  • Seguin, Professional Birthing Services, EmPOWERment Birthing, Salli Gonzales, Midwife, Homebirth, Waterbirth, (830) 556-3404, gonzalezsalli@yahoo.com, "Waterbirth is an awesome way to give birth! Our mother's swear by it!" , www.empowermentbirthing.com




  • Swanzey NH serving Vermont, Monadnock Birth Center, Birth Center, Waterbirth, (802) 251-0921, Monadnock Birth Center
  • Richmond, Richmond Birth Services, Inc., Nancy Giglio, CNM, Homebirth, Waterbirth, (804) 282-8471
  • South Hill, Community Memorial Hospital, Hospital, Waterbirth, (434) 447-3151, Community Memorial Hospital


  • Tacoma, Shauna Applin, Community Health Care, Hospital Waterbirth, (253) 597-3813, www.commhealth.org
  • Vancouver, Southwest WA Medical Center, Hospital Waterbirth, (360) 514-4025, www.swmedicalcenter.org
  • Vancouver, Kathleen Hensch-Fleming, CNM, Pacific Midwifery Service, Legacy Salmon Creek Hospital Waterbirth since 2001, Full scope women's health care including menopause, small four CNM practice, (360) 885-7926, pacificcnm@aol.com, www.pacificmidwifery.com
 West Virginia






  • Edmonton, Alberta, Midwifery Care Partners, Homebirth, Waterbirth, (780) 450-5735, www.midwiferycp.ca
  • Vernon, B.C., North Okanagan Midwifery Care, Homebirth, Waterbirth, Hospital (250) 503-5133, slnbcca@uniserve.com, North Okanagan Midwifery


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