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Waterbirth Accessory Kit, Disposable

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Product Code:  KD100
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Disposable Accessory Kit + Choice of Liner

This kit is designed for customers using their health care providers Birth Pool, air pump and faucet adapter.

All parts of this kit are disposable:

  • Choice of One Liner - Makes clean-up much easier.
  • Floating Thermometer - Accurate thermometer reads in Fahrenheit and Celsius. Great for birth pools or for baby's bath!
  • Long-Handled Debris Net - Use this extra-long handled net for keeping the birth pool free of debris during birth. This is also very handy for clean-up.
  • Non-toxic, Lead free hose - 25' - Many garden hoses contain lead and other toxic chemicals! Use this non-toxic, lead-free hose for filling pool, and later use it for draining the pool.
  • Electric Drain Pump - Approved submersible water drain pump. Output 396 gph, Cable Length 6 ft., 110V / 60Hz AC UL - This pump can be used again once cleaned.
  • Two Shoulder Length Gloves

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