Kaya Birth Stool


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Powerful on land or in water.

Easy to Disinfect

  • Supports Endless Labor Positions
  • Light-weight, yet Durable
  • Fully Submersible in Water


The first stool designed to comfortably accommodate a smooth range of the most natural and physiologically effective positions for labor and delivery.  Double-ridge design and built-in handles are used for support during squatting, seated, or kneeling position.  Stable non-slip form allows for comfortable support of kneeling and standing stork positions.

Slanted front ridge optimizes contact with the ischial tuberocities.  Organically curved surfaces facilitate flexible movement through a wide range of positions.

Kaya™ is molded from a safe, lightweight plastic with an exterior gelcoat, suitable for cleaning with any standard disinfectant.   Single part design adds to the ease of cleaning.

Fully Submergible for use in water!  Unlike wooden birthing stools, Kaya™ is fully waterproof and will not warp through repeated exposure to or submersion in water.

Kaya™ is designed and manufactured in Toronto, Canada, with ethical labor practices.
Weighs less than 10 lbs

Additional information

Weight25 lbs
Dimensions24 × 20 × 14 in



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