The Tummy Cast


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The Tummy Cast – Complete Belly Casting Kit 

Creating a Belly Cast is a fun and relaxing way to commemorate your pregnancy. Belly Casting is a great activity for a baby shower and makes a thoughtful gift for any mom-to-be. Tummy Tickles Belly Casting Kit comes complete with everything you need to make a great looking belly cast of your own! It doesn’t take long…

Prep Time: 10 minutes

Casting Time: 20 minutes


Our kit comes complete with: Casting plaster, Petroleum jelly, Non-latex gloves, Large drop cloth, Sanding screen and Easy to follow instructions in English, French and Spanish.

When is the best time to cast your belly? Anytime! Its so much fun to do that some people start very early (around 10 weeks) and do a monthly or bi-monthly succession of belly casts throughout thier pregnancy. Some people like to wait until they have a well rounded belly (usually by about 20 weeks). But the choice is yours, any stage of pregnancy is suitable for casting.

Belly Casting is perfectly safe for mom and baby and is a fun and relaxing way to include friends and family in the joys of pregnancy! You can design and decorate your belly cast any way you like, use it as a decorative bowl or hang it on a wall in your bedroom, family room, living room or baby’s bedroom. There is no right or wrong way to create a belly cast so be creative!

Click the link to see finished belly casts done by a professional belly caster from Ottawa Belly Casts. Your results will vary depending on your artistic skill and creative ideas. Some people choose to put their own creative touches on their belly casts. You can add some color or texture. You can add poetry or hand prints. Some people just choose to leave it in its natural state. Its quite amusing to try on your belly cast every now and then, 2D photos just dont have quite the effect as a 3D belly cast! Whatever you choose to do with your belly cast, you will be glad you did it. The happy memories from creating your cast will captured in the end result!

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