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You Are My World: How a Parent’s Love Shapes a Baby’s Mind


You Are My World makes a great gift for pregnant women and new mothers! All books sold from this website support Childbirth Connection’s work to improve maternity care for mothers, babies, and families.

Together, the pictures and words of You Are My World lends a whole new meaning to the phrase “baby talk.” By pairing lovely black-and-white photographs of infants with captions that reflect reality as seen through their newborn eyes, the book celebrates the continually miraculous interaction that occurs between babies and the most significant people in their young lives–their mothers and fathers.

Children’s minds are molded by experience, and science tells us that the way a parent touches, holds, looks at and responds to a baby has a lifelong impact on the way that this brand-new person will come to see the world and his or her place within it. You Are My World gratefully acknowledges the profoundly shaping influence that a parent’s love and attention have on a baby’s mental and emotional development.

“Your love is my first teacher,” says one of the adorable infants portrayed here. Like each of the book’s captions, this simple but poetic statement captures and illuminates every baby’s desire for, receptivity to, and sheer delight in a parent’s love. Featuring a die-cut frame in which parents can place a photo of their own child, You Are My World will become a treasured family keepsake.

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