Welcome to Waterbirth Solutions, one-stop shopping for your waterbirth needs.  You will find high quality pools and accessories for home, birth center and hospital use. 

We are passionate about laboring and birthing in water. Our mission is to provide the highest quality birth pools for women and their partners whether birthing at home or in a hospital.  We offer a variety of Dopplers, permanent hospital tubs, portable waterbirth tubs in a variety of sizes, brands and cost, waterbirth supplies and educational materials.  

When you purchase with Waterbirth Solutions you will always receive personal customer service and we always ship our orders within one business day.  If you have a special need, such as overnight or International shipping, just let us know and we will make arrangements to accommodate your needs. 

Waterbirth Solutions is the US distributor for the Aquaborn Eco Birth Pool as well as the exclusive distributor for the high quality, unique and affordable permanent hospital tubs which were designed by Barbara Harper, RN, CD, CCE.  Barbara is the founder of Waterbirth International and has spent 25 years empowering women to birth naturally in water. 

We also provide a free searchable database of Waterbirth Providers including midwives, doulas, education, and waterbirth tub rentals.  Providers can sign post their business for free as well as receive discounts on all purchases.  We provide information and support for moms-to-be and their families.  Don't hesitate to drop us an email or give us a call with your questions.

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